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Now all of the business depends on the internet and it is important thing which is used for many purposes. Users should use internet almost all of the days. In maximum cases, they have to receive email from clients and suppliers. They need to reply all of the mail instant in many cases. That is why, they should use Wi-Fi internet connection in their smartphones and tablet Pcs. So, they can reply message instant and quick. It is wonderful if they use wireless internet connection. That is why, users can easily maintain their business from any corner from the home and office. Even same internet connection can be used by multiple users.
You can buy any router that you like but you want to use a router of cheap budget and popular brands routers, then you should choose a router from TP-Link, D-Link or Tenda. Those popular models of the routers are available in many stores and you need to use any brand router which cover your area. You can buy a router after reading the router reviews. There are many online stores where you will get product reviews too. You can talk with the experts who can help you to choose the router.
There are many types of popular routers and most of the routers supports IP address from class C. You need to know the IP address class to see the IP address and too many routers also use default IP address Manufacturers setup the default IP address, username and password. All of those things are default and you need to use all those things together for login to the router. In the router box, you will get all of those things together but if you do not find those things in the box or you have bought used product, then you can search online.
First, after buying the router, you should think of the router setting for Wi-Fi. That is why, you need to use all of the login details with the default IP address, username and password. Take a browser that you like and on the browser address bar you need to type or paste the default IP address and hit on the Enter button and now login screen where you have to use username and password which are used by manufacturers. Now you will be logged in. If you do not see the login screen, then you should check the IP address. If you make any mistake in the IP address, then you cannot see the login screen and login page.
The default IP address can be changed and you can setup a new IP address but you should not do this until you are forced by the system. The system will not let you use internet until you change the IP address. That IP address problem is called the IP address confliction problem. In this case, you have to change the IP address but you should change the IP address class. Until, you change the default IP address, you cannot use Wi-Fi too.
The IP address confliction occurs from the IP address. When the same IP address is used in multiple devices in the same network, then the IP address confliction error occurs. If your router uses default IP address and you should use different IP address in other networking devices. It means that you have to use unique IP addresses in all of those devices. However, if you do not know how to change the IP address and what rules you need to follow, then in the next paragraph I will discuss those things.
All of the IP address is followed by the IP address Class. Usually, manufacturers of the router setup the IP address class through the IP address. In an IP address, there are 4 parts and those parts divided by the dots. You need to use those dots in the numbers. First two parts of the IP address carry the introduction of the IP address class. You can see the default IP address and in this IP address, the first two parts are 192.168 and it indicates the IP address from class C. No user can change the IP address from the first two parts. If users need to change the IP address, then he has to change the IP address from the last parts.
I indicate the last two parts as X of IP address 192.168.X.X. In the place of X, you can use any number from the IP address. You have to use any number from 0 to 255 number range but you cannot use any number without the number range. You have to setup the number in the IP address and save it in the router. This manual IP address will be used for next time login.
You have learned how to change the IP address and how to setup settings. In the router, you have to use all default information for login to the device control panel and put the manual IP address. After putting the manual IP address in the router, you should save the router. Now when you want to login to the router, you have to use all of the default IP address, username and password for login to the device. Burt if the router is reset, then you have to use all of the default data for login to the router control panel.
You should think about the router and Wi-Fi security. Router security is not much necessary like the Wi-Fi security. Because Wi-Fi is available on air and if you do not protect this, then anyone can access your Wi-Fi. You can use encrypted security for the Wi-Fi. You should enable WPA2 or WEP security feature. Changing the SSID network name is also very important things. You have to use hard password for your Wi-Fi connection. When you build a password, then you should use combination of the number and letters. You can use symbol in the password. You can use password building generator for building a hard password.
You will get best advice from the router manual and this is why all of the experts and users of the router suggest to use manual. You will not get any better idea but I have written this article for all of the users as if all of the users can setup settings and solve router problem. It is very easy to follow this article. Users can enjoy other related websites and blogs but I suggest them to browse YouTube.com for the video instruction. Otherwise, this article and manual are ok for all of the users.